Our Cheeses

One of Sonoma County’s most creative artisanal creameries, Bohemian Creamery offers a variety of goat, cow, sheep, and bufala milk cheeses.  We pasteurize all our milks and use only vegetarian rennet in authentic artisanal tradition. 

Capriago: an asiago-style cheese made from our goat milk and aged between 8 and 10 weeks. The rind is washed with brine at the beginning of the ageing process, then allowed to cultivate a wild blue mold, promoting a moist and slightly sweet, nutty paste that is well-paired with fruit or seasonal greens, complements the spicy aroma of many of Sonoma County’s pinot wines. Average weight: 3.5 pounds per wheel.

Boho Belle is made with organic Jersey cow milk in the Bel Paese tradition. Each wheel is aged 6-8 weeks to allow for the natural development of geotrichum, a thin layer of white mold that enhances the vanilla flavors of this soft, rich cheese and helps maintain its deep, yellow rind. A semi-soft paste, Boho Belle is the perfect finish to any dessert. Its creamy texture and subtle finish pair nicely with bolder wines and fresh fruit. Average weight: 2.5 pounds per wheel.

Caproncino: A tangy, semi-hard goat, traditional rind cooked curd pressed into small wheel and aged six to eight months or longer, promoting a solid texture that endures but does not overwhelm. Average weight: 1.5 pounds per wheel.

Romeo: is our longest-aged cheese, brined and tended to for up to 12 to 15 months during which time it acquires deep and complex flavors and a crystalized paste reminiscent of Grand Padana. Can be served on a cheese plate or grated over a variety of dishes for a rich and intensified experience. Average weight 4.5 pounds a wheel

BoDacious: is a fresh lactic goat’s milk cheese encased in a bloomy candidum mold  to keep the paste tangy and spreadably soft. Perfect with breads and summer salads.  Average weight: .75 pounds wheel.

Cowabunga: a soft fresh lactic Holstein cow’s milk cheese filled with a delicious sweet cajeta (goat milk caramel) surprise and sealed with a milk bloomy candidum-geotrichum rind.  A low-fat miniature cheese cake-like surprise, Cowabunga offers a sweet, dessert richness to any meal. Average weight 1 pound per wheel.

HolyMoly: a soft ripened mild goat cheese with small eyeholes of airy lightness to lend it extra mouthability.  Delicately bloomed rounds weighing 0.5 to 0.75 each.

Bo Peep: a small, semi-soft round of  a 60 day old ripened sheep milk cheese, mild and richly moist. Perfect with fresh fruit or compote. Average weight 1 pound per wheel

The Bomb: a sheep-goat blend washed rind square of stink and ooze loosely fashioned after the French Epoisse. This cheese is carefully washed in Consecration beer as it softens and fills the ageing room with its signature odor. Each square weighs around .75-1 pound and is available in the cold and wet months only.

Agua Bufazola: a super creamy, soft, dense, one-of-a-kind gorgonzola dolce style cheese made from the milk of one the few water buffalo herds in the United States. The milder italian strain of blue promotes a paste that is bold but not overwhelming to the palate. Aged 4-6 weeks. Perfect paired with fruit or honey for an explosion of sweet rich salty tang. Each wheel weighs roughly one pound.

Surf and Turf: an organic goat’s milk cheese ripened to a soft thickness in a St. Maure style cylinder, then rolled through a layer of Sonoma Coast harvested toasted nori seaweed and lightly aged. Average wheel weight 0.75.- 1 pounds.

PocoLoco: a soft-ripened wonderfully gooey round of bright white delectable water buffalo milk cheese laced with a sprinkling of Italian ground coffee bean for something entirely different. Balanced between fresh and ripe, perfect with summer salads, bread and fruit, but with enough power to sidle up to bolder wines. Average wheel weight 1 pound.

BahBoom!: a summery version of its winter-time cousin, The Bomb, BahBoom! is a sheep’s milk cheese, lightly washed in Russian River Brewery’s Consecration Ale. Packs less of a punch on the picnic table while remaining highly ripe and spreadable  Pairs beautifully with Summer and Fall fruit and crisp wines. Robust and hearty like The Bomb while curbing its “aroma” to a 50-yard radius as opposed to The Bomb’s 100.

FlowerPower: a fresh lactic organic cow cheese pyramid speckled inside with bursts of  bee pollen and crowned with a ring of pollen on the outside. Each bite offers mingling moments of milk and honey: the embodiment of Spring when milk is fresh and flora bloom anew.  FlowerPower is best eaten right out of the vat. Each pyramid weighs in at around a half pound.

Twist & Shout:   Shaped from a 1,200 year old remedy presented to the Queen of Sicily to lift her from her dark spirits. A sheep’s milk cheese infused with saffron and toasted peppercorns then cooked for hours in its own whey before it is aged for a three month minimum. Smaller format is dipped into beeswax for a softer, sweeter confection

ShredHead :  A 6-month aged jersey cow milk italian style cooked curd extravaganza with a that’s amore   sharp and tangy kick-back. Perfect for shredding, grating or simply stuffing into the mouth. Average weight per wheel: 4 pounds

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